Cell Symbiosis Therapy

Cellular Diseases

According to the basic principle of the Cell Symbiosis Therapy of Dr Heinrich Kremer chronic diseases can develop amongst others due to increasing disorder of the cellular activity, which are controlled by the mythochondries. Several illnesses, like chronic inflammations, deficiencies or uncovered need of amino acids (essential proteins), micronutrients, minerals, vitamins, polyphenol (plant extracts),can occur.

Contamination from industrypoisons like heavy-metals, immun deficiency, chronic infections, stress, gastrointestinal problems (like limited absorption of the intestinal mucosa or reduced digestion) or gene mutation develop.

The therapy starts with a circumstantial anamnesis, with a discussion of the special laboratory findings, heavy metal tests. On this basis will the therapy be made up.

Background information for better understanding (Please click -pdf)

"The Concept of cell symbiosis therapy" (Please click -pdf)

(Resource: The Information and Pictures were taken from Ralf Meyer's homepage, Title: Chronic healthy – Principles of a Healthprctise– The original treatmentconcept of the Cell symbiosis therapy, according to Dr. med Heinrich Kremer, and from http://www.cellsymbiosis-netzwerk.de/cellsymbiosistherapie-nach-dr-kremer)

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