Kairos Method / Chiropractic / Vitalogie / Dorn

1. Osteopathy

Osteopathy (Kairos Method) is a holistic method of examination and therapy based on manual testing of muscles.

2. Chiropractic

Chiropractic sees the source of the most illnesses in the displacement of the vertebra, the „vertebral subluxation“. As a result of the „vertebral subluxation“, the so formed constriction of the intervertebral foramen leads to the compression of a nerve cord which is responsible for the supply of a certain organ. Beside the significant pain, which the compression can cause, there are often seemingly independent symptoms in the organs belonging to the certain compression areas. By releasing the appropriate muscletissue and a final spinal adjusting chronic pains as well as chronic or acute organic disorders could be eliminated.

3. The Dorn Method

Dorn's Method is concerned with a very gentle way of bringing the spine into the right position. Dorn's Method always considers the interrelation of all the vertebrae – joints — bones – muscles. The oblique pelvis position has a central role in the whole process.

4. Vitalogie

The term Vitalogie refers to a manual therapy method which attains the full relaxation of the body with the help of a special impulse on the neck muscles so that the malpositions of the pelvis and the spinal column get into the right position again. The method goes back to the founder of Chiropractic, Daniel David Palmer in 1895 in the USA. The treatment takes about 20 minutes plus a relaxing phase of 30 minutes.

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