Diagnosis consists of the following steps, the results of which together create the basis for the individual therapy.

1. Anamnesis

It's a detailed conversation about the backgrounds and correlations of the illnesses. The person as a whole with his character, special features of his illness and his history of illness is in the center. Affected parts of the body will be felt.

2. Pulsdiagnosis following TCM

The pulse will be felt following the rules of Chinese medicine. The pulse is a mirror of the whole process of the illness.

Detailed description (pdf)

3. Tongue diagnosis following TCM

The tongue will be precisely inspected. The state of the tongue refers to the backgrounds and correlations of the illness.

Detailed description (pdf)

4. Facial diagnosis

Facial diagnosis is one of the oldest forms of diagnosis. The face is said to be the mirror of the soul. A proficient therapist can not only draw conclusions on the emotional state of the patient, but can also assess the state of the body. There are over 500 features and signs which must be recognised and considered. This method goes back on Mr Hutter.

5. Laboratory – Blood count

Already a small amount of blood is enough to make plenty of diagnostic laboratory investigations. The taken bloodsamples go over many examinations, which allow to define different values and parameters. Especially by complex metabolic diseases like cancer it is inevitable to follow the treatment by means of laboratory tests.

6. Pro Immun M Food Test

With the help of the Pro Immun M®-Food -antibodytest the immunological distinctive features are analysed. From the patient´s blood the antibodies produced by his own body against up to 263 different victuals are diagnosed , which can be responsible for a deferred immune reaction. A diet change on the basis of the test (the omitting of immunologically identified foods) gives empirical values, which allow to draw conclusions between the consumption of certain foods and specific complaints, illnesses and symptoms. Immunologically identified foods can be often the reason for chronic illnesses.

Which victuals are tested? Food list (German) (Please click - pdf)
Background information and correlation Background (German) (Please click - pdf)

Further information:

7. Heavy metal tests

In the industrial countries health disorders and illnesses due to industrial poisons are on the rise. Heavy metals (mercury, lead, palladium, gold, silver, aluminum and arsenic) play a significant role in the process. Heavy metals disturb and block the cellular metabolism and are often the stem of chronic and insidious diseases.

Symptoms (German) (Please click - pdf)

8. HLB dark field tests

HLB tests offer a humoral pathological diagnostic which provides a preventive medical insight into the total metabolism of my patients. With the help of the HLB- blood tests 5 phases of deterioration in blood can be defined, which are called the phases of Endobiosis following Enderlein. With the term Endobiosis refers Enderlein to a complex of chronic and degenerative illnesses, including cancer. According to Enderlein`s research a whole clutch of illnesses, the etiology of which is up to now unknown for the traditional medicine, are caused by a singular endogenous polymorphic Microorganism in blood.

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