Long Life Medicine

"Long Life Medicineā€œ was practised by Chinese emperors of old, the goal being to be healthy right up until the end of life - a long life in excellent health. Knowledge built up over 1000 years has been combined with experience derived from modern naturopathy. This type of medicine aims to maintain ones vitality and health at a constantly high level, which depends in great part on a more conscience attitude to ones own health and life energy.

This can be additionally supported by having an alternative practitioner who checks bloods, organ function, posture, exercise, vitality and maintains an overview of the complete health and lifestyle of the patient. Complemented by acupuncture, homeopathy, detox, TCM herbs, movement and breathing exercises, oxygen, dietary recommenations, lifestyle tips and awareness of life choices one is ideally supported in ones efforts.

Interview with Bernd Fritscher on YouTube | April 2021 (German)
Siegfried Scheller "Mensch Sein" bei YouTube | July 2021 (German)

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