Guiding principles

A holistic point of view dominates my thinking. My aim is to support the self-healing process and to give an impulse for Life.

More than 90% of our illnesses are civilisation diseases. An illness means, that the self-healing powers have not enough energy or compensation possibilities to keep the organism healthy. The illness itself embodies a chance for compensation for the organism. Diseases of civilisation indicate how far away we have come from ourselves and the nature. Nutrition, bodily movement, breathing and staying outdoors in the nature create the basis for our balance and for our health.

By ill people blockages in the body must be solved, so that Life energy and the self-healing processes can come into flow again.

The different kinds of methods like Chinese medicine, classical homeopathy, Kneipp therapy, cell symbiosis therapy are ways to bring the person to health.

Healing is attained if the body and soul are flexible enough to stand to all the challenges with the help of the self-healing power and stay healthy.

The following poems and quotations give holistic life- and health-impulses.

„Charlie Chaplin on his 70th birthday“ (pdf)

„It doesn't interest me“ (pdf)

„Deep Fear “ (pdf)

„Safi Nidiaye - The Beauty of Love“ (pdf)

„Your own Worth“ (pdf)

„The Hero of Life“ (pdf)

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