Although I generally treat all types of illness, I have developed particular areas of specialisation over the years.

Long Life Medicine

In ancient China people wanted to live to a ripe old age and nevertheless remain healthy, fit and flexible in both body and in mind. This is also the attitude of more and more people in the West today and Long Life Medicine is one of the keys to realising this goal. This often means that people don't have to die from the chronic illnesses that 80% of the population suffer. Instead, they can live a longer and healthier life.

In addition to the use of acupuncture, homeopathy and Chinese and Western herbs, what is also of great importance here is a change in lifestyle, attitudes to body and spirit, naturopathic treatments and lifestyle coaching.

Stomach and Intestinal Illnesses

Chronic intestinal irritation, diarrhoea, chronic soft stools or constipation, gastritis, acid regurgitation, vomiting, flatulence, constantly feeling full or hungry, ulcers, addiction to sweet foods, allergies, food intolerance, piles, fungal infections, Crohn's disease, irritated bowl syndrome are all common problems in the West. Naturopathy looks at all these conditions from a broad perspective in order to determine the real underlying cause and uses acupuncture, homeopathy and lifestyle changes to heal them, rather than just dealing with the symptoms.

Back, Shoulder, Neck and Joint Problems

Many medical complaints originate in the spine beacause the nerves to individual organs often originate in the vertebrae. When these nerves are irritated then the the function of the organs they connect to are also often affected. The spine is a very important central pathway and therefore it is vital that things here are in balance. Constant tension, chronic pain, slipped disks, stiffening, limitations in movement, chronic inflammation, lumbago, osteoporosis and wrongly aligned pelvis all need to be brought back into balance. In addition, all joints, for example, knees, have a significant influence on posture and the feeling of general wellness. If not treated, they often lead to chronic health problems which should be avoided.

Cellular Disorders

These days many chronic and acute illnesses can be traced back to cellular disorders. If individual cells get too little oxygen or are too acidic because the capillaries and lymph system are not able to take byproducts away, then this can lead to a variety of chronic and even fatal illnesses - heart attacks, strokes, chronic lethargy and even cancer. Acupuncture, homeopathy, lifestyle changes, oxygen therapy (according to Regelsberger), Bemer Therapy and leeches are possible ways of treating such problems.

Eye Problems

It is important that the cause of an eye complaint is found and treated - a liver condition can, for example, be the culprit. Commonly treated eye problems include macular degeneration, chronicly dry, irritated or watering eyes, early age-related longsightedness, vitreous opacity and glaucoma. Acupuncture in association with oxygen therapy (according to Regelsberger) and homeopathy are often used in these cases.

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