Oxygen Therapy according to Dr. med. Regelsberger / Leech Therapy

1. Oxygen Therapy

Every single bodycell needs oxygen for life. Oxygen deficiency reduces the speed of the bloodcurrent, diminishes the cellular metabolic activity, causes ageing and the loss of vitality. Intravenously applied Oxygen brings about positive alterations of the blood, activates many metabolic processes.

I have applied Regelsberger's oxygen therapy with significant success since 2003.
Application (Please click for pdf)

2. Leech Therapy

Medical leeches are used for the following disorders:

  • varicose vein
  • arthropathy
  • Arthose
  • rheumatism
  • rheumatism
  • tennis elbow
  • ringing in the ears, tinnitus
  • leg ulcer
  • high blood pressure
  • gradient apoplexia
  • furuncle
  • after accident, after surgery

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