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Live your Fire
Tantra Yoga of the Heart
July 2022 - Yoga Sound and Sea Festival at Steinberger See
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Live your Fire
Tantra Yoga of the Heart

There be more seminars as soon as the fire is allowed to be lived again.

Description of Seminar

This seminar is not only about commicating knowledge and wisdom. It's also about starting gentle processes to help us come back full to life and love. Only a loved life is a really lived life.

  • Experience the joy of life
  • Live and express your fire
  • Feel your creativity
  • Experience your very attractive male and female charisma
  • Access your real power and inner strength
  • Experience your inner and outer wealth
  • Develop real love for oneself and in your relationship
  • Health for body and mind
  • Rejuvenation
  • More awareness
  • Release healing energy
  • Discover new aspects to sexuality and love
  • Feel deeply satisfying happiness

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